Very cool project and possibility to work 3 years developing Stan and collaborating with me (Aki) and other Stan development team. Deadline for applications is 22 October.

Quantitative Modelling of Cell Metabolism (QMCM) group headed by Professor Lars Keld Nielsen at DTU, Copenhagen, is looking for experienced Bayesian statistician for a postdoc position.

Group specializes in creating complex composite mechanistic / data-driven models of cellular metabolism.

Such accurate and interpretable models can be used to analyze response to drugs, search for a new pharmaceutical targets or explore basic biology.

Some of responsibilities include working with well-known Stan framework: improving it for HPC usage and fitting large nonlinear models.

This kind of activities supposed to be carried out with collaborators in Aalto University (Aki Vehtari) and core Stan developers at Columbia University.

All details could be found here

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